On an inventory of girlish clutter

Dusty, framed photos of nights out, or of family members with their arms around each others’ shoulders. Beads, necklaces, earrings, opened bills and packets of pills, contact lens solution and lens cases balanced on the width of the radiator, dried flowers in a glass, plastic sunflowers in a vase, shoe-boxes, scissors, framed Klimt photo waiting to be hung, squeezy pink pig, old teddy bear, Marie-Claire, spare buttons in their packets, scarves and umbrellas, perfumes, hair grips, old travelcards, cables, pens, Germolene, sun-block, business cards, cheque books, tea-light candles, old mobile phones, an ipod, hair removal cream, hair lightening cream, postcards, blu-tac, five pence pieces.


2 responses to “On an inventory of girlish clutter

  1. I always have used batteries, kirby grips, paper clips, stickers sent incessantly by my mum, broken necklaces and bracelets, empty cd cases and ‘had to have’ make up, never used.

  2. My own personal clutter consists of books, pens, open CD cases, eyebrow tweezers, free sachets of cosmetics, hair elastics, tissues, two pence pieces, blister packs of Panadol, dusty trails of translucent face powder…but the girl I was writing about made me feel like a minimalist!Stickers?

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